Monday, July 6, 2009

The Pillars Of The World by Anne Bishop

Mass Market Paperback: 424 pages
Publisher: Roc (2001)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0451458508
ISBN-13: 9780451458506
Genre: Fantasy

The youngest in a long line of witches, Ari senses that things are changing - changing for the worse. For generations, her kin have tended the Old Places, keeping the land safe and fertile. But with the Summer Moon, the mood of her neighbors has soured. And Ari is no longer safe.

The Fea have long ignored what occurs in the mortal world, passing through on ther shadowy roads only long enough to amuse themselves. But the roads are slowly disappearing, leaving the Fea Clans isolated and alone.

Where harmony between the spiritual and the natural has always reigned, a dissonant chord now rings in the ears of both Fea and mortal. And when murmurs of a witch-hunt through the town, some begin to wonder if the different omens are notes in the same tune.

Part of award winning writer Anne Bishop's Tir Alainn triology. This is the first book in this wonderful triology. Compared to her better known Black Jewels series, the tir Alainn triology is less well known. But they do reflect Anne Bishop's mastery in world building and crafting interesting fantasy stories.

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  1. I enjoyed this series and agree with you on Anne's world building abilities, they are awesome. The Black Jewel's Trilogy is my favorite out of the series by Anne Bishop.