Sunday, March 14, 2010

Been Waiting Whole Year

Yes, I have been waiting for a year. Before that I have been waiting for another year. Prior to which I have been waiting for a year as well...

What am I waiting for? Well the next book in the series of course. "Which series?" is not the question here. There are plenty to wait for. My most recent one was a Dorina Basarab Dhampir series book called Death's Mistress from Karen Chance. Actually I waited for year and a half for that book.

Anyone who likes to read series will be familiar with the waiting. That's the time usually it takes for your favorite writer to put together the next installment and the publisher to put it in the market. Some come faster and some slower, but usually you wait about a year.

So what happens at the end? You get your book. Read it or more like you inhale it in a matter of days (or hours depending on how much self control you can exercise to savor your treat ;) ). It is as wonderful as you thought it would be. So now what? You start waiting again.

This happens to me quite a bit. What do I do in the mean time? I search for other writers whose books come out at different months of the year. I try new writers: beginners or ones I haven't read before. Some work, some don't. If they work for me I add them to my ever growing waiting list.

Now I probably have some writer whose book is coming out each month (well OK more than one :) ). And my life appears to be a constant waiting for the next book (for whichever series). So I am not focused on waiting for one book but for dozens.

I am a patient person but I have to tell you the waiting isn't getting any easier regardless of how many different series I am following. I am mostly in a haze of waiting.

I used to go back and read the series from the beginning prior to the release date of the new book. That also helped me remind myself some of the details I may have forgotten in a years time. Of course when the series reaches couple of dozen in number that is a tough thing to do, in which case I would stick to the most recent few.

But now that I had to dismantle my library, I don't have that to content with. *sigh*

And please do not suggest I do something else than reading. That really is not acceptable. :P

What books are you waiting for? How do you deal with the waiting?

AC Read

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