Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentines Day Special

As you may have noticed today is Valentine's Day and I thought it would be fun to write about something that relates.

I've been thinking about what the most romantic book I've read is. (I think I just caused some poor English teacher out there a stroke with that last sentence. :P) Over the years I read a few, :D so it was not such a easy task to just pick one. And why should I. Many of those books were romantic, and some left quite a lot to be desired for. Since my memory isn't strongest I chose books that actually remained with me.

The most romantic gesture I read in a book was at the end of One Summer by Nora Roberts (one of the books that is part of Summer Pleasures in the photo on the left). Well if I talk about what it was it might be a spoiler for those who have not the book. It is at the very end. I always hate reading spoilers and would not want to do that to anyone else. So let's just say he gives her something, and it is the most unusual thing to give, and if you read the whole story you will see that it is extremely a thoughful gift and extremely meaningful for the two characters involved. It shows how well he knows her. And isn't that what all people really want in a close relationship to be known who they are deep inside, to have that intimate understanding. This book really is Nora Roberts at her best. The whole book is full of incredible imagery (descriptions of photos) to the extent you feel like you are on a trip with the characters yourself. And then at the very end this thing comes up. :D Wow! I would definitely recommend for anyone who likes romance novels to read this book if they haven't yet.

Now to talk about the most romantic love scene I read in a book. Sorry, I won't be sharing details, but give you an idea as to why it was so. It is in a book called The Scent Of Shadows (The First Sign Of The Zodiac) written by Vicki Pettersson (seen on the right). Now this book is not in a genre that makes you immediately think you might find a very romantic scene in it. It is a fantasy novel. More properly it is an urban fantasy novel. If I am correct this is Pettersson's debut novel (but don't quote me on that). Extremely well written. The scene I am refering to is close to the beginning of the book. And the reason it made such impression on me is the oozing sensuality that came with the scene. Things were written in a slower, softer pace with a gradual build up and very suitably so because it was a good bye of sorts. Quite heart breaking too. And yes, romance can mean broken hearts. In my opinion that does not retract from the sense of connection which is a main requirement of romance. By the way the whole series is wonderful. We get more of Pettersson's crafty sensual scenes later in the series among other things. I look forward to each book that comes out.

As to what novel I thought had the best romantic story, it is amazingly a Stephen King novel called Wizard and Glass. Yes, you read that right. It is a Stephen King novel. It is part of King's Dark Tower series, which is King's uber duber series that references and pulls together a majority of his books into it. It spans King's writing carrier and has recently been concluded after his accident. You can literally see the change in Kings work as he evolves as a writer. But that's a whole different story.

I think the generality of the Dark Tower series can only be classified as horror, but don't let that scare you. :P This is not some bitter outlash of a lonely person on a Valentine's Day guiding you astray. Wizard and Glass really is the most romantic story I ever read. To be able to get the actual background on it, I think it is important that the whole series is read up to that novel at least (you don't necessarily need to read all the books that were referenced. I did and did not regretted doing it. But it is not a must.) The first 3 books of the series introduces us to Roland, the last of the gunslingers, and in Wizard and Glass we see him in his youth and his falling in love with Susan Delgado. It shows the shyness, the intrigue, the innocence, the passion, the bravery, and many more qualities that sum up romance in exquisite form.

I hope you'll read these books and enjoy them just as much as I did.

And Happy Valentine's Day to all. :D

AC Read

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